French culture poster

among other beautiful sights in Martinique the yoles rondes or gommiers are one of the best. They are the traditional fishing boats that are also used for racing. people come from all over the world to watch the nautical ballet. In Martinique the people speak french and creole, a mixture of french and African languages with some spanish, English, and portuguese words. heres how to respond to someones suggestions in creole

chouette! bon! ca ne me dit rien. sa pa ka di

D'accord. D'acco mwen ayen

Music and dance are an integral part of life in Martinique. A tout finit par une chanson. much of the music arises from the time the first Africans arrived to work as slaves in the sugar fields. the rhythms of the songs and steps of the dances they created are still in existence today in the biguine, mazurka and the internationally famous zouk.