State of the Assessments Meeting

Changes to How We Test Our Students in 2013-2014

Informational Meeting

Be in the know of what changes are happening from the school to state level on all of the various tests your students will be taking. From Common Formative Assessments to DCA's to the Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessments. You will mostly get a better understanding of what is happening next year with our pilot units, DCA's, and ELD.

This informational meeting will be brief to provide teachers with enough information to reflect and/or plan for next year during the summer. Those that cannot attend will be informed by either a newsletter this summer, email, or next year at the first staff meeting.

Wednesday, Jun 12th, 1-1:30pm

Room 20


A. Welcome & Rationale for Sharing this Information with You

B. Accessing to Resources

C. Common Core Units

D. Pacing Guides

E. State of Future Assessments

F. Assessment Calendars