Klein High Choir Weekly Update

Week 16

Next Week at a Glance - Dec 13-17

Chorale Orlando Payment is due Tuesday. Due to the final exam schedule we will not see our Chorale everyday. Please turn in your payment Tuesday.

Finals Week

Tuesday - 1st period

Wednesday - 2nd & 3rd periods

Thursday - 4th & 5th periods

Friday - 6th & 7th periods

Holiday Concerts

Thank you to all of our parents who attended our Holiday performances last week. We truly appreciate the support you give your students and the choir program.

Recordings of our concert can be found on the kleinhighchoir.com website

Booster Club

We want to encourage our parents to get involved in our Booster Club. "Many hands make light work" certainly rings true in parent organizations. Please consider joining our club and volunteering when the opportunity arrives.

This organization provides so much for our students. We would love to see our membership grow. More information can be found on our website under the Booster Club tab.



A resource for all Klein Choir information can be found at kleinchoir.com

Forms, trip information, announcements, all-state information, booster club information, recordings, and more

Contact Information

The preferred mode of communication for us is email

Tim Winebrenner 832-484-4089 - twinebrenner@kleinisd.net

Rebecca Berger 832-484-4088 - rhickman1@kleinisd.net