Mt. Sinai Jewish Center Ad Journal

Running a thriving shul costs money, please give generously.

The Deadline Is Tomorrow


Thanks for all of your help guiding me and brainstorming about how to improve the shul (and specifically, the quality of emails).

I decided to test Smore to reach out and encourage you to buy an ad Mount Sinai Jewish Center Ad Journal.

Our shul continues to grow and thrive, and I feel privileged to be part of such a dynamic and warm community.

As you know, we rely on donations from the ad journal for more than 30% of our $350,000 operating budget, and your generosity plays a large role in helping us fund the shul’s ongoing operations. Our ongoing expenses include salaries for Rabbi Schwartz, Executive Director Oren Hiller, Head of Maintenance Nike Prroj, and Yoetzet Halacha Atara Eis; utilities and maintenance for our building; insurance and operational expenses; regular programming, which includes 128 annual shiurim, scholars in residence, social and singles events, holiday programs, chesed opportunities, tot Shabbat and family programming; our community Eruv; and Kiddush on Shabbat mevarchim. We know that there is even more that we can do, and with your help we hope we can continue to expand our offerings.

In just a few months, our completely renovated lower level will re-open and provide us with beautiful new facilities and enhanced space for davening and programming. We were in a position to undertake this project thanks to your past generosity. As planned we have dipped deep into our cash reserves, so in addition to funding our operating budget, we need to replenish those reserves so that we can continue to invest and build for the future.

Marc, will you consider donating $1,800 for a Platinum page ad in the ad journal?

I would love the opportunity to speak to you in person to discuss your contribution if you have the time.

Warm Regards,


P.S. The dinner will take place on June 9th and ads and reservations are due *TOMORROW* May 31st. See for honoree bios and more details.