Critique of Flipped Lesson 1

Accounting-6 Coloumn Ledger

Part 1: Reflect on what you see

What went well in the video?

  • The analysis of material is very well explained. The material was expressed very well and there were visual tools in order to explain the lesson.

What did you see that you would steal for videos in the future?

  • Audio and transitions allowed the student to know that you were moving from one section to the next. It provided the end of a complete thought and topic. Reminding the students to pause to take a quiz in the middle of the lesson.

What would you have done differently?
  • Bullet the first paragraph with topic bullet-ed points for easier reading. Make the visuals more visible and maybe use a pointer to show individual parts of the ledger. These two techniques will allow the students know where to attend to.

Part 2: Think about student learning

Was the learning goal accomplished?

  • The learning goal was accomplished with the a great analysis and synthesis of the 6 column ledger. There was a formal assessment provided in the middle of the lesson to make sure students are learning and so the student knows they are meeting the learning goals.

How can the teacher take this video to the next level in the classroom?
  • The teacher is stemming the lesson into the classroom so that the lesson can be used in the class for further instruction. The teacher prepared the students for a follow-up lesson in class and prepared them for future lesson and allowed them to know what was going to be happening in the future.

Was the information presented clearly and concisely?
  • Yes, the information was presented in a format in which the students and any individual could watch the lesson and gain knowledge. The lesson had a beginning, middle and an end which all connected together to represent the learning goals.