The Heart of Haleʻiwa

May 20, 2022 Volume II Issue XVII

In this Issue...

  • Robotics VEX World Championship
  • EOEL: Scavenger Hunt
  • Kindergarten: Lego Houses & Groovy Imagination
  • 1st Grade: Puppets
  • 2nd Grade: Field Trip & Research Projects
  • 3rd Grade Writing Club: Cats vs. Dogs
  • 4th Grade: ʻĀina Garden Bed
  • 6th Grade Campus Beautification and Service Day &Word to Describe 6th Grade
  • Literacy Corner: Reading
  • Summer Screen Time for Kids by Mrs. Nakamura
  • Thank You Volunteers!

Vex IQ Robotics

Aloha Hale`iwa Families,

Thank you to everyone who supported our fifth and sixth grade teams who made the trip to Dallas, Texas last week to represent Hale`iwa Elementary School at the Worlds Competition for Vex IQ Robotics. It literally took a village to get us to the Worlds Competition and we are grateful for everyoneʻs help.

Thank you to our staff, community and families who gave so generously to help fund expenses for the trip. We would not have been able to make it without everyoneʻs donations. We are especially grateful to our faculty and staff who could not fly to Dallas because they stayed home to take care of our school and our students at Hale`iwa. Their support did not go unnoticed. We could hear your cheers all the way in Dallas!

We appreciate our staff (and robotics teamsʻ family members) who made the trip to Dallas to support our students in person. We would also like to send a very special "thank you" to Pam Yamakawa and Nami-Anne Dolan for helping with all of the "support" logistics at the Worlds Competition.

Finally, thank you and congratulations to Jared Haiola. The hundreds of hours of hard work, practice and competition were certainly evident. Without his outstanding coaching of our robotics teams, our students would have never had such an amazing and successful season.

BOTH of our teams were VERY SUCCESSFUL at the Worlds Competition. Here is how they ended their phenomenal season!

Fifth Grade: Liam Ejercito, Pressli Garcia, Marissa Moody and Mykaela Simpson

  • Ranked # 11 in the Skills Challenge -- out of 482 teams in the World
  • Finished in8th place in their division to make it to the Division Finals -- out of 57 teams in their division
  • Finished in 4th place in their Division Finals -- out of 10 final alliances

Sixth Grade: Hina and Rina Canon, Jeremiah Clark, Luca Schillaci, Lorelei Riggen and Robert Turley

  • Ranked # 21 in the Skills Challenge -- out of 482 teams in the WORLD
  • Finished in 4th place in their division to make it to the Division Finals -- out of 55 teams in their division
  • Finished in 7th place in their Division Finals (largely due to a technical issue with their alliance partnerʻs robot) -- out of the 10 final alliances

Most importantly, our students represented our school and our community with kindness, respect and aloha for everyone. We could not be more proud of our teams.

Dallas was a ton of fun, but there is no place like home. We are grateful for the experiences in Dallas but we LOVE being back home in Hale`iwa.

EOEL: Scavenger Hunt

by Mrs. Angelica

As we come to a close in learning about the plants of Hawaii, our students went on a scavenger hunt around our school campus to see if we could find the different plants we have been learning about! It was so fun getting to walk around and hunt for them all! We all carried around our own clipboards in which when a specific plant was found, the students would then draw the plant! It was so much fun to be able to see the students applying their knowledge of plants learned in the classroom outside and around our campus!

Kindergarten: Lego House

by Ms. Brooks

This week in kindergarten Ms. Brooks class did a stem activity with Legos. The students were put in to groups and had to create a house and then share it with the class. The students did such a great job and had so much fun!

Kindergarten: Groovy Imagination

by Ms. Mori

This week in Ms. Mori’s class we read the book “Pete the Cat’s Groovy Imagination.” Everyone used their imagination and turned a big box into something fun. Some ideas the students came up with was rockets, houses, vet clinics, and more. Everyone had really great ideas and had to make plans on paper, draw each cut they wanted to make, and plan where to put glue. Now that all the hard work is done, everyone’s having an awesome time using all of their props they made for imaginative play.

First Grade: Puppets

by Mrs. Lee

Artist in Residency with Ms. Bonnie

First and Second Grade Field Trip

by Ms. Onek

Second grade enjoyed some time out of the classroom for a little bit this week. We had so much fun exploring the Nā Mea Kūpono Learning Center. We spent the day playing old Hawaiian games, learning about the plants and animals that live on the land, and stomping around the mud in the lo'i.
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Field Trip Video by Ms. Charisse

Research Projects

by Mrs. Kauffman

In Mrs. Kauffman's class, students learned how to do research and create a PowerPoint presentation. Students first learned Hawaii's state symbols and then chose a state to research their symbols. Some symbols included state animals, trees, and flowers. Every student worked extremely hard and at the end of the week, they each presented to their peers.
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Third Grade Writing Club: Cats vs. Dogs

by Zhyren Reyes

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Big picture

by Itzel Woodbine

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Fourth Grade:

by Ms. Yonekura

The 4th Grade Classes spent a lot of time outdoors tending to our ʻĀina Garden Bed. We harvested, cleaned and prepared our Kalo that we tended to all year long. We also did various art and science projects. We finished our school year with lots of hands-on learning!
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Fifth Grade: DNA

by Mr. Haiola

A few weeks ago the fifth graders learned that DNA is made of two linked strands that wind around each other to resemble a twisted ladder — known as a double helix. Each strand has a backbone made of alternating sugar groups. Attached to each sugar is one of four bases: adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G) or thymine (T).
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Sixth Grade Campus Beautification and Service Day

by Mrs. Terada

Last Friday, our sixth graders participated in a campus beautification and service day. Students volunteered by:

  • creating a puppet show and performing to preschool
  • Reading aloud with preschool and second grade students
  • help second grade with slime science project
  • remove stickers from benches
  • clean up garden beds
  • clean up Zero Waste stations

It was a great day that students enjoyed giving back to their school and also working with some of our younger students!

Word to Describe 6th Grade

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Literacy Corner: Blast off into an unforgettable reading adventure!

Thanks to partners, EVERFI brings WORD Force, a literacy adventure for 4-9 year olds, to families across the United States. WORD Force is a collection of 15 free interactive digital games that help children develop a strong foundation in key reading skills.
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Summer Screen Time for Kids

by Mrs. Nakamura

Between the internet, television and video games – screens all compete for children’s attention. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says children spend an average of seven hours a day on “entertainment media,” and the COVID-19 pandemic has only fueled screen time.

Here’s some helpful tips to limit screen time during the summer months:

1. Create a Family Values chart to help your family collectively discuss what you all value. Have a conversation about, “What do we really care about as a family? Is it spending time together, having playdates with friends, etc.? And once we know what we really care about as a family, how do screens fit into that?”

2. Brainstorm a plan of acceptable activities with your child (i.e. sidewalk chalk drawing, neighborhood adventure walks, hide-and-seek, create an obstacle course for family members, etc.)

3. While setting household rules on screen time use can be helpful, role-modeling healthy screen time as a parent is also very important. This can include setting aside some phone-free time each day in order to be more “in the moment,” turning off the TV/iPad during meal times, and waiting to check a phone notification until after a conversation with your child is finished.

4. And when there’s nothing to do, communicate to your child, “It’s totally OK to be bored.” There’s something to be said for good, old-fashioned staring off into space! Boredom can help kids be present and aware of the world around them. Kids' brains (and ours) need downtime, too!

Here’s something you can do together as a family by participating in the Hawaii State Public Library 2022 Summer Reading Challenge!

The Summer Reading Challenge is for kids, teens, and adults. Sign up online beginning June 5th. For signing up, you will receive a “Be Our Guest” coupon for a free snack, courtesy of McDonald’s Restaurants of Hawaii.

“I just want to say thank you for the experience…” by an HES Volunteer

“The taro farm was an experience I won’t forget. The aloha and care Kumu Ku’uipo showed us as adults and keiki was amazing. The GameShark we played and the knowledge everyone gained was ‘top-shelf’. We learned about the native plants and animals as well as the canoe plants. The topics were taught in a way that my simple mind could understand, so I know that the keiki understood it too. I gained a whole new respect for the island and the people of Hawaii. To top it off, we got to finish off the trip with Auntie Ku’uipo singing and a hula dancer dancing. I just want to say thank you for the experience. And next time I’ll jump in the mud.” — Jason Rosser, Parent Volunteer

Many thanks to all of our MAY VOLUNTEERS:

Artists in Residency Puppet-Making Project Volunteers

1st Grade Volunteers: Lucia Aguilar Vial, Erika Reynolds, and Chelsea Riggen

2nd Grade Volunteers: Cindy Owens, Sayaka Tomita, Sarada Wright, Ellen Giambalvo, Melissa Barit, Jason Rosser and Aya McEuen.

Field Trip to the Lo’i

1st Grade Volunteers: Lucia Aguilar Vial and Erika Reynolds

2nd Grade Volunteers: Cindy Owens, Ian Owens, Sayaka Tomita, Sarada Wright, Brianne Williams, Melissa Barit and Jason Rosser.

We appreciate you!

Want to Volunteer? Click here to pre-register online*

Give us a call at (808) 637-8237 or email Cyndy Sumbad, our PCNC facilitator, at . *All volunteer applicants must complete a Volunteer Training Workshop BEFORE actually volunteering on campus.