Hours Spent On The Internet Weekly

Written by Josh Horton

About The Project

We recorded the time that we spent on the internet over the span of a week. At the end of the week we got together and researched to draw up some averages. We then put them into a chart and discussed them in class.

Analysis Of The Information

From my chart I can see that my class and I spend more time on the internet than I ever would have thought. My internet usage was reasonably close to the national average, but the class average was way higher than the amount of time I spent. As you can see, my classmate spent an extremely long amount of time on the internet which is way more than both the class average and the national average. Our average as a class was more than twice the national average according to my recearch. In conclusion, my media habits are not as outrageous as those of my peers, but I still spend a conciderable amount of thime with the media on a weekly basis not only on the internet, but with television and social networking as well.


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