Science Safety

How to stay safe in a lab!

Science lab rules!

  • Report all accidents to your teacher.
  • Work in the lab only when the teacher is present

  • Never indulge in behavior that could lead to injury of others.

  • Before beginning work in lab, clean!

  • Use goggles and lab aprons when instructed

  • Open sandals or bare feet are not permitted in the lab.

  • Learn the location and proper usage of the eyewash fountain, fire extinguisher, safety shower, fire alarm box, office intercom button, evacuation routes, clean-up brush and dust pan, glass/chemical disposal can.

  • For minor skin burns, immediately plunge the burned area into cold water and notify the teacher.

  • If you get any chemical in your eye, immediately wash the eye with the eye-wash fountain and notify the teacher.

  • Never look directly into a test tube. View the contents from the side.

  • Never smell a material in a test tube or flask directly.
  • Immediately notify the teacher of any chemical spill and clean up the spill as directed.
  • Never take chemical stock bottles to the lab benches.

  • Use equipment only as directed

  • Never taste any material in the lab

  • Food, drink and gum are prohibited in lab.

  • Never add water to concentrated acid solutions.

  • Read the label on chemical bottles at least twice before using the chemical.

  • Return all lab materials and equipment to their proper places after use.

  • Upon completion of work, wash and dry all equipment, your lab bench and your clean-up area.