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Ellington Porter - #WeWin

Ellington Porter #wewin


Our society is in trouble. We see the pressures all around us and fear that creeps in. As far as Christianity, it has come to a point in our culture where it is as if the word Christian is like cussing, associated with the negative. It feels a lot of days like we are losing. As believers, how do we stay calm and joyful in the midst of the chaos around us? We must remember that as Christians, we win. I can’t help but think of Joshua during the time that Moses had died. In addressing Joshua, God did not focus on Moses’ death. God tells him rise, go, take the people, and be blessed! Now is the time to go in and possess the land! It is not going to be easy, it will take time, there is a process, but in the end we win.

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Who is Ellington Porter?

Rev. Ellington W. Porter, affectionately known by his congregation as Pastor E, is one of the dynamic duo Pastoral dream team at the Genesis Missionary Baprtist Church. Known for his energetic, humorous, yet reality based style of preaching, Pastor E. W. Porter has touched thousands of lives through his ministry. Musically, Rev. Ellington's gifts include songwriting & record production. In the early 1990's the Lord afforded the ministry team of Tecoy and Ellington Porter to become official with the start of Markee-Wes Production Company. Ellington is married to Tiwana B. Davis and is father of one son.

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