The Lion King

By Disney

Learn how the Lion King was created.

Durring the making of The Lion King, about 200 people were involved. The Lion King was origanly called King Of The Jungle but they changed it because it didnt make sense, there was no jungle. A lot of reaserch was involved, the team had to go to the Serengeti and study about the enviorment that would be in The Lion King. The animators for The Lion King needed a real life example so person named Jim Fowler from a nature show called Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom came in and brought real lions for them to feel and look at.

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The Lion King needs to be a good movie, so it needs a good team.

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Now The Main Producer.......

Don Hahn

Don Hahn was the producer of the Lion King. It all started when they wanted to make movie about Africa. He was born November 25, 1955. Don also produced many films such as Beauty And The Beast and The Nightmare Before Christmas

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  • When the Lion King was being created there was a big earthquake and there building fot messed up and a lot of people couldnt get there
  • The Lion king was origanly called the King Of The Jungle
  • The Lion King team had to go to Serengeti to get facts on the enviornment
  • Don Hahn got a team of African singers to song the opening of The Lion King
  • The Lion king production was in California