Night Comparison/ Contrast

with the "Diary of Anne Frank" - Camille McCleary 2

Elizer and Peter

Peter: Peter is shy and doesn't share his feelings with those around him. He has opinions in his head, but frequently decides not to share them. (" He is a shy, awkward boy of sixteen." )

Elizer: Elizer is just as scared as anyone else in the concentration camps. He holds his fear in as much as possible to help maintain hope in the people around him. ( " Don't cry, Yechiel, I said. " Don't waste your tears...." )

Peter spends most of his time in his room with his cat. I feel like this is similar to Elizer and his character because the boys never show much emotion in their experiences, but I think it's because they want to stay strong for those around them. Of course, they both share a fear of the Nazi's because they are Jewish.

Mr. Frank and Mr. Wiesel

Mr. Frank: Mr. Frank tries to be the man of the house. He is trying to keep everything in order and everyone as safe as possible. ( "This is the way we must live until it is over, if we are to survive." )

Mr. Wiesel: Mr Wiesel tries to stay with Elizer at all costs. He wants to keep going and keep the family he has left. I feel that this creates some hope in knowing that you still have a loved one with you. (" At all costs we must keep together." )

Mr. Frank and Mr. Wiesel's personalities are similar in the regard of family. As long as they are with their families ( or part of them) they have a comfort and sense of hope even if it is hidden deep within them and hard to see in the circumstances. Their main priority is to protect their loved ones. Mr. Wiesel had a tougher time than Mr. Frank, knowing that his wife and other children are probably dead.

Arrival in Attic and Arrival in the Camp.

Attic- Moving into the attic was a tough experience for the Frank's and Van Daan's. They had to be super cautious and change their entire way of life to prevent being captured. (" No trash must ever be thrown out which might reveal that someone is living up here..'')

Auschwitz- Arrival at the concentration camps was devastating. The Wiesel's were split up and the men were put to work trying to live another day. ( " ...I was parting from my mother and Tzipora forever.")

I feel that moving into the attic wasn't as tough or scary as the concentration camps, but they were both scary experiences. They weren't captured yet like those of the camps, so a sliver of hope still remained. The Frank's were still together. The Wiesel's weren't as lucky.

The Arrival of Mr. Dussel and Moving to Buna

The Arrival of Mr. Dussel- Mr. Dussel changed the way the families lived in the attic. He dared to stand up to Anne and complain about her. No one else did.( " Something must be done about that child, Mrs. Frank.")

Moving to Buna- Changing camps was a scary experience for Eli and his father. They were still stuck in captivity and didn't know what was in store. They had jobs in the last camp, something that kept them alive. Now that they've had to move, they don't know if they will live to see another day. (" ..we reached our new camp: Buna. The iron gate closed behind us. The camp looked as though it had suffered an epidemic: empty and dead. )