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Craftsman Bungalows

A typical bungalow is one story with a low-pitched roof. There is normally a gable roof, but there can be others, like the gambrel roof on the Spokane bungalow below. Covered front porches are seen frequently, and some homes have back porches as well. Windows are higher than traditional home, so furniture can be put underneath them. Bungalows can have different exterior materials, but wood is typically used.

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Interior Perks

Bungalows are a very versatile style of home. Since they only have one floor, parents with young children do not have to worry about kids falling down stairs or being on different levels. Bungalows also normally have very open floor plans, so they feel very light and spacious for only having one floor. Buyers who enjoy entertaining will especially like the open concept. Also, bungalows are very easy to modify, by building an extension or adding a second story.

by: Lexie Shepard