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How To Join a GEC General Session

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The 2019 Global Education Conference

Monday, Nov. 18th, 10am to Wednesday, Nov. 20th, 4pm

This is an online event.

The Global Education Conference ( is a collaborative, inclusive, world-wide event involving students, educators, and organizations at all levels. It is designed to significantly increase opportunities for connecting classrooms while supporting cultural awareness and recognition of diversity and educational access for all. There is NO cost to attend.

Our Mission

The conference seeks to present ideas, examples, and projects related to connecting educators and classroom with a strong emphasis on promoting global awareness, fostering global competency, and inspiring action towards solving real-world problems.

Step 2 - Visit Our Online Community

It is recommended, but not required, that you join our community to learn and network with our members. More info on how to make the most of our community can be found here.

Step 3 - Browse the Conference Schedule

The conference schedule is posted in our community and it is available in your time zone.

  1. Find your time zone and click on the associated green link (example: GMT-6) . You will then see a Google Calendar for your time zone. (FYI, you can add a particular event or the entire calendar to your own Google Calendar if you use this tool.)
  2. Click on a session title to expand the event. You will see a full description and a link to the virtual room where your particular chosen session will take place. These links are live just before the conference starts.
  3. Detailed session descriptions are also listed under Accepted Proposals under the Conference menu. You can also leave comments for presenters here.
  4. There are different speakers and keynotes each day. You can attend as many live sessions as you want at your leisure. All sessions are recording and are available for review after the fact.

Step 4 - Enter a Conference Session

Blackboard Collaborate is the webinar platform for the conference. The sessions are held in BbC webinar rooms called vrooms or virtual rooms.

  1. First-time users should make sure that their computer is prepared to launch Blackboard Collaborate.
  2. Click on a link to a presentation that you would like to attend (around the designated start time) in the conference schedule as mentioned in Step 2. This will launch Blackboard Collaborate.
  3. If you are on a Mac, you may have to run an extra launcher application. See this documentation for more information.
  4. Note that when you launch Blackboard Collaborate, it downloads a file to wherever you designate your downloads to be downloaded on your computer. You may have to click on that file to launch the session.
  5. Enter your name into the Login box and click Login. This process takes a minute or so and then the Blackboard Collaborate room will launch.
  6. If you are having issues getting into a room, ask for help in the chat room on the front page of our community. Alternatively, you can visit the conference virtual lounge for help.
  7. Making sure that Java on your computer is updated on your computer sometimes alleviates issues.

Step 5 - Participate in a Conference Session

When you have successfully entered a conference session, you can participate and interact with other attendees. There is a chat area where you can introduce yourself, respond to comments and polls, and ask questions while the presentation is taking place. The session presenter may see your comments and respond, and there also may be a moderator in the virtual room who may be assisting.

Remember, all sessions are recorded and you will be able to review these recordings shortly after the live event has taken place. They will be posted in our online community indefinitely. Keynote recordings will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Troubleshooting Tips

Read all of our troubleshooting pointers here.

Visit this page on Blackboard's site for help configuring your system.

If you are experiencing difficulty entering one of our Blackboard Collaborate session rooms, try the following.

  1. Make sure Java is updated on your computer.
  2. Clear your browser's cache.
  3. Try another browser.

If you are still experiencing issues, visit the front page of our main website and login. There is a chat room on the front page, and if you post there, we'll do our best to help you! Alternatively, we have a WhatsApp group where you can ask technical questions after reading our documentation.

Conference Notes

Conference Recordings

All sessions are recorded and you can view them asynchronously.

Keynotes Speakers

Here is our keynote lineup and additional updates are coming.

Visit this page for more details.

  • Pedro Aparicio, Northridge School, Mexico

  • F. Margret Atkinson, ISTE Global Collaboration Professional Learning Network, United States

  • Courtney Bell, Courtney S. Bell Consulting LLC

  • Ann Gaudino, Millersville University, United States

  • Tara Hofmann, AFS Intercultural Programs, United States

  • Amanda Lanicek, ISTE Global Collaboration Professional Learning Network, United States

  • Bronwyn Joyce, Education Elevators, Australia

  • Jennifer Klein, Principled Learning Strategies and Gimnasio Los Caobos, United States and Colombia

  • Jennifer Manise, Longview Foundation, United States

  • Dana Mortenson, World Savvy, United States

  • William Piper, University School of Milwaukee, United States

  • Krishna Pujari, Reality Tours and Travel, India

  • Tom Vander Ark, Getting Smart, United States

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