LIFE in Room 505

Week 31

Weekly Update

Please view the letter linked below (also linked in the email) regarding ISTEP.


If you have been on Mastery Connect recently, you may notice a big difference between Reading and Math. In Math, there are a lot more assessments; whereas Reading has low percentages. The reason for this lies in the nature of the subject. In math, we work through a unit and we assess how well students understood the topics in that unit. Other than review, we do not focus on that topic again for the year, so a unit test serves as a more final assessment. In reading, we work through the same skills, but are constantly working to go deeper. This means that an assessment that truly measures how well a student understands a concept is more applicable at the end of the year. You will start to quickly see assessments added to Mastery Connect very soon in the Reading section. Some of these will be electronic or based on observations, but any paper-based assessments will come home.

Spelling Update

We will put more focus on learning the Fry words over the next several weeks.

Field Trip

We will be taking a field trip to Wonderlab Museum of Science on May 27th. Please make sure the permission slip is in soon. Several students still have not returned their signed slips.

Words of the day






In reading, we will be focusing on asking and answering questions while we read as well as determining the author's purpose. We will also be working on using context clues to identify the meaning of words.

In writing, we will be working on informational writing. Ask your child what he/she is writing about.

Students will be assessed on the following standards this week:




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