European Music History Tour

By Oscar Lommerse & Aziz Althayedi

Our 6 Day Tour

Will bring you to

1. Rijksmuseum

2. Saint Ghislain, Belgium

3. Mons, Belgium

4. Concertgebouw

5. Brussels, Belgium

6. County of Hainaut, Belgium

7. Naples, Lassus

8. Milan, Josquin Sforza Family

9. Rome, Josquin worked for the pope

10. Antwerp


In 1555 Lassus return to the low countries and had his early bublished.


Lassus worked as a singer and a composer for Costanito Costrito in Naples

Milan, Italy

In either 1483 or 1484 Josquin was known to have been working for the storza family

Milan, Italy

from 1489 to 1495 Josquin was a member of the papel choir , first under pope Innocent VIII, and later under the Borgia and the pope Alexander VI

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