Small School Curriculum Development

Deadline to Apply: October 14th

Curriculum Development Opportunity

The Sequoia UHSD is opening a new, small high school in the Fall of 2018. The Chan-Zuckerberg Institute has awarded the district a grant to begin developing curriculum for this school. We are looking for enthusiastic and creative content experts to create curriculum in the areas of English, math, and CTE (media arts and information/communication technologies). The district is looking for high school teachers to partner with community college faculty to create courses for 9th and 10th grade students. Many of these courses will lead to courses with dual enrollment or articulation for college credit. The 10th grade CTE courses will offer students college credit. To ask questions or obtain more information, contact Kristin Stout (
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General Expectations for Curriculum Developers 2016-2017

- Collaborate with a community college faculty member

- Develop courses that align with these CTE pathways:

- Media, Arts, and Entertainment (Design)

- Information and Communication Technologies (Engineering)

- Use an electronic template to organize the curriculum - designed by the curricular team

- Meet as a large group to review progress throughout the year

- Review resources such as UCCI courses, Project Based Learning, and innovative courses

and techniques

- Hear from industry speakers and other schools to inform curriculum development

- Continue work during summer 2017 if interested

Specific Expectations

1) Commit at least 30 hours over the course of the year to the project

2) Attend four large group meetings

3) Collaborate with another faculty member at least five times over the course of the year

4) Complete 4-5 curricular units of study for the course, complete with a syllabus, electronic unit template, resources, and formative/summative assessments

5) Travel to visit at least one school or program to inform curricular development

Compensation and General Benefits to Participating

Hourly curriculum pay for up to 40 hours of work (including collaboration time and quarterly meetings) plus expenses for travel and missed class time. Staff may also take 2-3 release days as part of the 30-40 hours to work on curriculum during the year, with more possible hours in the summer of 2017.

Other benefits include the chance to collaborate with community college staff and the opportunity to pilot new curriculum in your classroom. Get paid to create and curate great curriculum and try it out with your own students! You will also learn more about what industry is looking for in prepared students and visit some innovative school programs!

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Deadline to Apply: October 14th.