Parent & LC Feedback Opportunity

Consolidated LEA-District Improvement Plan (CLIP)

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What is the CLIP?

The CLIP is a comprehensive district plan based upon multiple data sources regarding district goals for the year and how resources will be coordinated to meet the identified needs of the school district.

A main component of the CLIP is the CNA, or Comprehensive Needs Assessment. This is where we identify the needs of our district. We also look at possible performance challenges, try to determine causes, and set priorities for future improvements.

How can you be involved?

We want you to be involved in our process! Your feedback from our CLIP Input Survey will help us address and identify needs. If you would like to be a part of our CLIP Committees, where we dive deeper in determining causes and setting priorities for future improvements, please be sure to indicate on the CLIP Input Survey.

Please be sure to complete the survey by March 19th, as we will be collecting results to use in our CLIP Committees. If you would like to participate in a CLIP Committee, there is a place in the survey for you to indicate and put your contact information.


If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to your Family Engagement Coordinator or our Federal Programs Assistant Director, Ms. Lucretia Nolan at

Thank you for your collaboration in building an effective parent-school partnership for the continuous improvement of our school.

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Your Family Engagement Coordinator Team

Kristy Howard

Kristy Howard

Elementary School Family Engagement Coordinator

404.334.4790 Ext. 2076

Veronica Okpani

Veronica Okpani

Middle School Family Engagement Coordinator

404.334.4790 Ext. 2162

Michelle Gilyard

Michelle Gilyard

High School Family Engagement Coordinator

404.334.4790 Ext. 2085

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