Ms. Gleason's Globetrotters

Weekly Newsletter for the Week of January 25, 2016

G'Day Mate!

We had a busy week of cataloging and writing about Little Blue Penguins. They are the tiniest of our penguin species of study and like I anticipated, the class fell in love with these adorable little penguins. As our journey continues, the class is becoming more independent in their data collection and look like pros now as they measure the height, collect the facts and features of their penguin species and measure their weight as well! I am so impressed with how quickly they have learned about the scientific process of studying penguins. We are still working on completing our writing using complete sentences, punctuation and capital letters in the correct places. As we continue to learn about writing to teach, it becomes even more important to write in this way. The kids are hard at work in their writer's workshops and by the end of this unit, I am sure they'll be writing complete sentences without even thinking about it! We continued adding to our math games this week by playing "Spin to Win Bingo". The kids got to test their math skills by counting in 10s and trying to be the first to get 4 in a row! They had a great time and kept those math skills fresh!

Down to the Antarctic Peninsula!

This week we finally arrived on the Antarctic Peninsula to study our fourth penguin species, and my personal favorite, the Gentoo penguin. The kids were off and away on their data collection and height measurement for this cute little guy. They've had so much practice, that it was time to let these scientists off on their own for the Gentoos. They did a great job working as a team and using all of the resources available in the classroom to complete their data collection.

The Great Kindness Challenge was a great success and a lot of fun for everyone! I am so grateful to have all of your wonderful and kind little ones as a part of my life.

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This week...

We will finish up our writing about Gentoo penguins and stay down around the Antarctic peninsula to study the Chinstrap Penguin! Jump Rope for Heart will take place tomorrow, Feburary 2nd, for our annual fundraiser. The talent show is Wednesday, February 3rd, from 1:30 - 3 p.m. Parent move-up night is Thursday, February 4th for K-2nd families. Have a wonderful week!