On Top of The World

By:Austin dude and Ahmed dude

Who arranged, composed, and the original artist of the song.

Arranged by: Roger Emerson.

Composed (made) by: Daniel Reynolds, Benjamin McKee, Daniel Sermon and Alexander Grant.

The Original artist(s): Imagine Dragons

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Time signature and how many parts.

Time signatur: 4 by 4

Parts: 2 parts

Background info. and Intresting facts

Background:It was recorded by an American alternative rock band. It was nominated for Teen choice award. It was released on March 18, 2013.

Interesting facts: It was on FIFA 13's soundtrack. It was in the trailers for "The Croods". Hunter Hays covered the song live on his US tour.

Contrasting between On Top of The World and Happily Ever After.

Both songs were arranged by different people. Different original artists from both songs. And Happily Ever After was recorded by girls and On Top of The World was recorded by boys.