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Media literacy

Media Literacy is the ability to analyze the different forms of media across the internet. The people of today have media in their everyday life. Ranging from social media like twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to search engines like google, or Bing. The knowledge that is needed to understand and use this correctly in thought media literacy. People of the 21st century do not understand who media ties everyone together but just as a way to interact with people from anywhere. The media is a great way to get info from people for example business use social media to look at how you act and not just show on your resume. Also advertisements are big in the media in that every free app or social media used is being paid for by the advertisements so that you as a user don’t have to pay for it but you can see the ads and maybe use what they are trying to sell you. Yet there are many problems with the media, one is that it is easy for someone’s privet information to be put on the internet which can really hurt someone’s chances of obtaining a job or getting into a school of choice. The media is so unique in the way that it works anything can happen like politics. People running for office now have a twitter of a Facebook to help get people to vote for them. Even the white house has a twitter for its self. In today and the future the media will be a big part of the world and I don’t think it will ever go away.


About Social media

Social media has grown to such a big part in everyone’s life. Kids now a days have phones or tablets of their own which allows them to get onto the internet. You can even find “the one” on social media by using dating sites. The poor and less fortunate are even on social media in the fact that people like the United Nations and other organizations spread the word about their problem to people all over the world to try and get help to fix or minimize the problem at hand. If you look back social media has not been here that long for example Facebook started in February 4, 2004, and Twitter started in March 21, 2006, but the magnitude at which this sites are used in everyday life is remarkable. The down side of all these forms of social media is that it leaves an electronic tattoo. An Electronic tattoo is something that you post or posted of you on social media or in the internet in general that will be there forever. This is one of the negatives to the online world that once something is posted good or bad it will all ways be somewhere on the internet. Advertisements are a big key to having a successful social media app in that with advertisements means that the app itself is free to the users and more people can then use it so the advertisements are seen more and the CEO the App make more money. With this forms of social media being so popular in ten years there is no telling how much bigger they could be in the world. The power they hold today could be tripled or even quadrupled in that something said could start something that could begin a terrible problem in the world are save lives. The main thing about social media is that it is a double edged sward with the ability to aid in what one does with it for example trying to help the poor or even try to get people to come to a sporting event that needs more fans present. Yet is can still hurt a person with a post that they might regret in the morning.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo, in its 2016 Super Bowl commercial, held a Baldwin Bowl party with Alec Baldwin, Dan Marino, Jason Schwartzman, and Missy Elliot all attending the party with “Alexa” the multi purposeful speaker playing music and answering questions they ask “her”. Amazon illustrates how the Echo can use voice control to search up anything from music to be played to information needed on anything or anyone for example when Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino where dissing each other back and forth. Understanding that the world is moving in a direction of more advanced technology Amazon is advertising this new speaker to show how they are at the top of the line when it comes to technology and that this is one of the best items on the market. This commercial is trying to reach an audience of younger more tech savvy people that would like to have a product that does not need a lot to function at a high level in a more humorous way with Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino using the Echo to dis each other at the Super Bowl party.

Introducing Amazon Echo

Donald Trump - "Right now we’re the highest taxed country in the world"

"Right now we’re the highest taxed country in the world"

Donald Trump said this quote on February 6, 2016 during the GOP primary debate in New Hampshire. Trumps statement was not completely false just too broad, in that if he was more specific and said the United States had the highest corporate tax then he would have been correct, but really the United States does not rank high in taxation around the world. In the article it mentioned that they asked tax experts who suggested to use two forms of tax tables. One being tax revenue as a percentage of gross domestic product and the other being tax revenue per capita. In the first the U.S. was ranked 27th out of 30 countries and the second we were ranked 17th out of 29 countries so in both we are not very high on the tax table. Overall trumps statement is false in that it being so broad that you then have to define tax as a whole which the U.S. is not the highest taxed country in the world.

"During eight years under Ronald Reagan, African-American median income rose by about $5,000."

This quote was given by Ted Cruz during a town hall event at New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire February 4, 2016. Cruz was asked what he would do for struggling minorities and he responded saying that “the key is economic growth, underpinned by a vigorous free-enterprise system,” but really there was a greater increase when under the Democratic Party of bill Clinton. To fully understand this topic you must be able to read and comprehend the chart shown in the article which show a higher increase under the Democratic Party. Cruz’s statement is wrong and misleading in that he gave us wrong information to make himself look better.

"African-Americans are more likely to be arrested by police and sentenced to longer prison terms for doing the same thing that whites do."

This quote was given by Hillary Clinton in a 30-second commercial on February 23rd, 2016 for the South Carolina Democratic primary. The main part of the story is that there is a greater chance that an African American or Hispanic person will be arrested and have a longer sentence for the same crime committed by a while person. To fully understand this problem you can see it in the graph that is shown that shows less than 500,000 whites being arrested for drug charges while black ranging from over 500,000 to 2,500,000 drug arrest between 1960 to 2010. To sum up the article I think that it shows us how even if a black man and a white man commit the same crime the black male will have a higher chance of being arrested as well as a longer sentence.

We are a nation of proles

This passage can be compared to today’s society very easily in that most people have the same schedule day to day not changing what they do seeing the same things over and over. People’s lives are just one big repetition. Social media gives people the ability to share what they do throughout the day as well as a way to see what other people are doing over the span of their day. Sports are a very big part of the world in today’s time. Most people know more about sports then they do about global problems or politics. If you were to go to a small town on a Friday night there would be almost now in the town, everyone would be at the high school football game. The entire weekend is all about football Saturday is college football and Sunday and Monday are pro football. These days are spent by most people either at the stadium watching it on TV or tailgating. If you are not someone that does these things regularly then people start to ask why “is it that you don’t like the sport”.

Sports a just a great way to control people in the fact that they look up to the people that play for their favorite teams and there can be outbreaks from rivalries from fans toe fans which can lead to some very scary things. If you were to look at schooling would see how controlling it on everyone from the students to the parents and even the teachers. Everyone had to follow and obey the bell if you were late then you get in trouble, the bell started and ended your school day. When you are young you were told to try and get good grades so you could go to a good college and get a better education so you can make more money. That was the goal that was set by almost every parent to every student. It seems that everything in live is just trying to reach a goal so you can start a new one because after to get a stable job you should go and try and find a spouse to marry. Once you marry you need to start having kids so the next generation can do the same thing you did just like the people before you and just like the people before them did. This is would is considered the American dream yet the American dream looks to be very much controlled and set in stone in a way which would be contradicting in that this is a free nation of independents.

Haitian revolution


My views on my very first Smore entire regarding media literacy have not changed but instead they have deepened. The media has the ability to connect people from across the world together, it is almost like the whole media is its separate location where everyone goes and can be found. Words have been that might not have been used a while back are now more common for example trending which is based of something that is viewed often by many people from a social media platform. The media is so big into day’s world that people can make a living of just making videos and posting them on YouTube, vine, Snapchat, and many more media sites. I watched a video a few days ago on twitter displaying a highlight tape of Steve Nash back when he played for the Phoenix Suns. And the caption said the hype or excitement around Nash would be just as big as it is For Steph Curry right now if he was in the social media era as well. To fully understand the media you have to know how people act and what a majority of the people want to see or read about in their day to day lives. Most people want to read entertaining stuff like a scandal that happened or a sports player going to a new team. You could write a book and you might not fully cover media literacy as a whole but the more you know about it the better you can be when you see something on the internet that could be used to further your knowledge. This year I leaned more of just being a person in today’s society and things that I can do to help the world and understand it more in this short amount of time. The weirdest thing about this class compared to others is how we tested. We never took a multiple choose test we just wrote which was a new outlook on a way of learning. I honestly like the sarcastic seminars that we did in class, not only is it a great way to get to know the subject better but also the people in you class better.

We can Auto-Correct Social Media

To be honest the first way the popped in my head was to use social media to get the news out but then I thought to myself if I am trying to stop technology from stopping human interaction then I have to find a new way which I can do this by just talking to people in big meetings to just day to day interactions. The media truly is an unhealthy addiction to us as people but it can be controlled by just setting a plan. For example set a day during your day to get some exercise or read a book in the park or just sit in a park with some friends or go to a party. All these examples are great ways to have conversations with people and get of social media. You don’t have to get rid of social media entierlay because there is still information that can be accessed via social media, but just do use it as a way to waste time. Because time is sorter then you think and if you waste most of it looking as a screen are you truly living. A great way to help people get over the problem of over using media is just by simple and harmless conversation. It really is that simple but it is so difficult at the same time in that people do not just have basic conversations with just anyone. This causes people to become scared of nervous which can become a hindrance and force people back to social media which is the exact opposite of what I am trying to do. The book 1984 had a lot of double meanings in it which can be seen when someone tries to help people like the video that we had to watch where he says people need to get off social media yet he uses it to broadcast what he is trying to say.