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September 24, 2021

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"Lo resolveremos juntos".

Esta simple frase, sugerida por la maestra Ashley Oweazim en una reciente publicación de Instagram de Edutopia, es muy poderosa. A medida que los niños crecen, se vuelven menos dependientes de los adultos para todo. Incluso los niños pequeños quieren afirmar su independencia; ¡saben que PUEDEN HACERLO! En su mayor parte. Pero dependen de padres, maestros, mentores y amigos para para guiarlos y animarlos. Un enfoque colaborativo es lo que los niños necesitan, y eso es lo que tratamos de proporcionar tanto como sea posible aquí en GSCA.

Cuando los niños escuchan "Lo resolveremos juntos", conservan un sentido de agencia. Hay una sensación de seguridad en este enfoque de asociación, y hacen que los niños se sienten libres de probar cosas, estirarse y crecer, sabiendo que los adultos de confianza están listos para ayudar. También es importante que los niños se den cuenta de que los adultos también luchan con los problemas. Pronto, es posible que escuchemos "Lo resolveremos juntos" cuando los niños interactúen entre cada uno, o con nosotros, ¡ese es el punto óptimo!

Gracias por confiarnos a tus hijos en el Buen Pastor. ¡Juntos, los ayudaremos a CRECER en la persona que Dios quiere que sea! Gracias, padres por su apoyo, mientras navegamos estos años escolares... ¡junto!


Sra. JoEllen Hoffmann

¿CONOCES A ALGUIEN que podría beneficiarse de ser parte de la familia del Good Shepherd Christian Academy? ¡Háganoslo saber, y prepararemos un recorrido para ellos!

“We’ll figure it out together.”

This simple phrase, suggested by teacher Ashley Oweazim in a recent Edutopia Instagram post, is very powerful. As kids grow older, they grow less dependent on adults for everything. Even young children want to assert their independence; they know they CAN DO IT! Well...mostly! But they rely on parents, teachers, mentors, and friends to come alongside them, guiding and encouraging. A collaborative approach is what kids need - and that's what we try to provide as much as possible here at GSCA.

When kids hear “We’ll figure it out together,” they retain a sense of agency. There's a sense of safety in this partnership approach, so they can feel free to try things out, stretch themselves, and grow, knowing that trusted adults are ready to help. It's also important that kids realize that adults struggle with problems, too. Soon, we may hear "We'll figure it out together" when kids interact with each other, or with us -- that's the sweet spot!

Thanks for entrusting your children to us at Good Shepherd. Together, we'll help them GROW into the person God intends for then to be! Thanks, parents for your support, as we navigate these school years...together!


Mrs JoEllen Hoffmann

DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE who might benefit from being a part of the Good Shepherd family? Let us know, and we’ll set up a tour for them!

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Want to Help Your Child Learn Letters and Words?

  • "Can you guess the letter?" Write a letter or word on your child's back using your finger and have them guess what it is. Then have them do the same to you with a different letter or word.
  • If you are outside, you can use chalk or spell in dirt or sand.
  • Play Word Jump. Write the words or letters in chalk on the sidewalk. Call out a word or letter and have the child jump to it.
  • When you are out and about or even at home, play "I Spy". Tell your child that you spy a certain letter or word and see if they can find it!
  • If you don't mind the mess (maybe for outdoor play), you can put a little shaving cream on a baking tray and have them write letters/words in it.
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An Exciting Opportunity - Your Child's First Library Card!

Please check your child's book bag for information about signing up for a Library Card from Chicago Public Library!

We're offering an incentive for kids to sign up! Children who bring back the application form by Monday may choose TWO books from school, as our gift! Children who bring back the application form on Tuesday may choose ONE book from school as our gift! Once they receive their cards, you can bring them to the library to teach them how to borrow books!

What a wonderful way to encourage your child to read - and open up a world of possibilities!

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Spread the word: Covid vaccinations at GSCA Sept 26th from 11:30-1:30!

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Miss Draeger's Class Gets Hands-on Experiences!

Hands on manipulatives are an important aspect of understanding math concepts. The First Graders are using Geoboards to explore shapes (geometry) while the Kindergartners explore pattern blocks prior to using them in their math work. Math becomes more fun and easier to understand when kids can learn by doing! Same thing for Social Studies! Kindergarten and First Grade students have begun constructing a model of some of the businesses and other features located in our community. We are having a great time using legos for this part of our study.

Mrs. Markworth's Class Explore Optical Illusions!

Students in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grades enjoyed drawing their own optical illusions, using instructions from a video. Working hard to follow the directions step-by-step, they each created their won masterpieces!
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Upcoming Dates - Please Mark Your Calendar


10:30 a.m. in-person and on Facebook Live

September 26 Sunday - Students sing in Church 10:30am

September 26 Sunday - Covid Vaccinations on-site 11:30am - 1:30pm

September 30 Thursday - Volleyball Game at Holy Family

October 6 Wednesday - Early Dismissal 2pm

October 15 Friday - Midterm Reports Sent Home

October 11 Monday - No School

October 14 Wednesday - Picture Day

October 20 Wednesday - Early Dismissal 2pm

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¿Conoce un amigo que le gustaría GSCA?

¡Espacio está llenando rápidamente para nuestro año académico 21'-22 '! Dale una educación asequible y de calidad a su hijo(a). ¡No te lo pierdas! Infórmese sobre nuestros recorridos escolares.
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Good Shepherd Christian Academy

Good Shepherd Christian Academy leads students to connect with Christ, grow in faith and serve with conviction, making a difference in the world. GSCA seeks to be families’ first choice for Pre-K-8 grade education.