Ways to Reduce Water Consumpiton By: lampus11@freeport.com

Saving Water

Our school uses lots of water every day. The amount we use can be reduced.

Three ways to save water at our school.

1. Sinks

One way to reduce water consumption is to install buttons on our sinks that turn off the water. Sometimes the water runs in the bathroom without anyone using them. A way to save money on water is to be able to turn off the water.

2. Aerators

Another way to save water is to install aerators on the 3rd-4th and 5th-6th grade bathrooms. Aerators will add air to the water making the persure greater.

3. Toilets

One last way to save water is to have low fill toilets. If the toilets are low fill the school can save money and water. The toilets in the school are used every day, if they are low-filled it will save lots of water.