Jeep & Trailer Towing Lessons

Are you driving legally and insured while towing?

You need a Category EB Driving Licence to Tow Trailers *

You need a specific Trailer Licence (Category EB)

  • If you are towing a double axel trailer
  • If you are towing animals in a cattle trailer / horse box
  • If you are towing more than 750KG or if the Gross Trailer Weight + Car + Carrying Capacity is more than 3500KG


If you only hold a Category B Licence in these circumstances(Car / Jeep / 4x4 Standard Full Licence) then you are not driving legally and you are not insured. Your vehicle can be impounded and you can go to court with possiblilty of a 12 month driving ban if stopped by Gardai.

If you are involved in an accident while towing a trailer not covered by your licence then your insurance company will deem you not insured.

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If you use a trailer with reasonable weight then you need to find out if your covered.

  • Farmers – Equestrian Centres – Animal Owners
  • Landscape and Ground Work Contractors
  • Towing Sport Equipment – Boats - Caravans – Rally Cars
  • Mechanics – Builders - Tool or Machinery Hire Companies


You can tow a limited range of small and light trailers under a Category B Licence

  • Small single axel trailers
  • Your vehicle will have a specific towing capacity up to 750KG that is covered by Cat B Licence but each vehicle has specific towing limits as set out by make and model of vehicle that will determine your towing capacity.

For Employers

Costs for Jeep and Trailer Lessons and Test Fees can be expensed as training needs in a business for employees. We include eco driving training as part of our jeep and trailer lessons to keep your companies vehicle maintenance and fuel bills as cost effective as possible.

How do I get my Trailer Licence (E Category)

  • Complete a Theory Test
  • Get your Provisional Licence / Learner Permit
  • Apply and sit your driving test
  • More specific and detailed information about the Category E Trailer test can be found on our website


  • Theory Test €45 Learner Permit €15 Driving Test €85
  • Car / Jeep / 4x4 with Trailer Driving Lessons – Give us a call for a competitive deal.

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