Vasco Da Gama

Theresa D

All About Vasco Da Gama

Vasco Da Gama was an explorer who followed Bartholomew Dias to India. He went around The Cape of Good Hope in Africa. It was a dangerous voyage because it is where most hurricanes are created. Vasco Da Gama was born in Sines, Portugal in 1460. He died in India in 1524 on his 3 voyage and never made it home back to Portugal.


Vasco Da Gama's first voyage was very successful, but out of the 170 crew members only 54 made it home alive, including Vasco Da Gama. He started his voyage in July, 1497 and arrived on May 20, 1498. From Portugal's point of view it was a success because he brought back the riches from the country. It took 24,000 miles to get to India and back.
Vasco da Gama

How has exploration changed over the years?

Exploration has changed because back when Vasco Da Gama was alive you had to go to the place to see it now there are virtual field trips online where you can stay home and see whatever you like. Also now there is Gps in cars or in phones, but back then they had compasses. Also there are cars and planes, and back then there were only ships that weren’t fancy like cruise ships today. This is why I think that exploration has changed

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