South Asia

25.0376 N, 76.4563 E

Physical features

South Asia is a subcontinent and in South Asia there are 6 countries Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Bangladesh

Natural Resources

  • Rivers- In South Asia rivers are a big part of the region they help with drinking water and transportation and house hold irrigations
  • minerals
  • Forest- the forest provides food and helps with shelter ( wood and leaves) and in the forest theres soil and soil helps with planting
  • natural gases
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Himalayas mountains

  • forms a barrier of the plateau of the Tibet to the north and the alluvial pains of the indian subcontinent and then to the south
  • The mountain system includes one of the highest mountain peaks in the world ( Mount Everest)
  • the peaks rise in a high level of snow


South Asia has many countries. The largest countries are India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh with India with 1.22 billion people.
- The median age for India is 25 years old.
-South Asia have a different live style. They live in plains that are suitable like to farming. An example is the Ganges plains with fertilized lands.
- 7/10 of the people live in small villages
-Metros: big cities that people move to from a poor state
- Some major cities in India are, Mumbai, Bengalore Kolkata, Hyderabad


- Important information is usually written in either Hindi or English. There are many other languages that are spoken but non important.

- the six religions are hinduism, Islam, buddhism, Jainism, Sulhism, and Christianity.

- an important instrument to the people is the Sitar string instrument.

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- Family members often live together

- age/ gender play in important role for families and the type of work to do.

- elderly are always treated with respect

- arranged marriages are common

- meals inslude rice, legumes, flat breads, and curry. NO meat.


biggest challenge is finding a job. Since farmlands are everywhere in this area, farming is the mami job.

- South Asians can also make a living off of mining and fishing.

- cottage industries are very common they are indistries/ people that employ solo workers or people to come and work for their job.

- This regions is mostly known for its high tech technology. This is a good economy boost for the region. This also gives many job opportunities for many people.

- There are conflicts between India and Palistan (Muslim).

- India's two prime ministers were assassinated which cause even more problems.

- Sri Lanka, Buddhism, and Hidus all had a civil war. The was ended recently and created peace