Breaking a bone!

Angie Rosso

A few years ago, I broke my first bone and It didn't hurt at all. It all started when we lived in Florida. My sister Nicole and I were playing in my Grandpa's backyard. My Grandma, Grandpa, and my Mom were there.My Grandpas was that man that would collect things to donate to hospitals or retirement homes. He had a stool for elder people to sit in when they showered.

That day it had just finished raining an hour ago. Since my sister thought of the idea to stand on it she did it first and so since i wanted to mimic her i did it too. When i stood on it one one the legs sank down and i felt and caught myself with my hand. At the time i didn't know i had broken a bone but it was just stinging me. My sister told me," Angie it's okay. Don't cry it's okay, please." My mom sensed that it was too quiet, she went to go find us and asked what was wrong. I didn't want to get in trouble so i just said nothing.

We all head inside the house, she checked me and finally I said that my arm was hurting and she checked my arm. It was pinkish purplish and had gained size.To be sure it wasn't broken my mom took me to the hospital. The did and X-ray and my two bones were split in half. The doctor cracked it into place and i got a lollipop for not crying. I got a red cast with a sling and headed home.I learned my lesson and only copied my sister for good things only.

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