Cyber bullying

And The suicide of Tyler Clementi

The details :

Tyler Clementi was a Rutgers University freshman and a gifted violinist who took his own life jumping from the George Washington bridge in September 2010 after a video of him having been with another man in a relationship witch was put online.(the video was taken by his roommate)


ten minutes before his death he updated his Facebook status "Jumping off the gw bridge sorry" following they found Tyler's body in the river and his two roommates where charged and accused of invading Tyler's privacy.


160,000 students every day stay home from school every day scared of harassment from other students. 90% of 4th through 8th graders claim to have been victim to bullying . as many as 40% of states don't yet have laws against the cyber bully.only 50% of cyber bullying issues are reported and of the 50 % 90% are solved.

Prevention and Stats :

-fewer than 20% of teens report cyber bullying to the police

-1 in ten teens have taken an embarrassing picture of themselves

-girls are almost twice as likely to be victim to cyber bullying

-almost 50% of young people clam to have been victim to cyber bullying


-one way to respond to cyber bullying is to ignore it

-another is to print off all things the bully said and report them

-is to cut off communication by blocking them

Helpful websites And More :

three helpful websites to learn about cyber bullying are





-can range of fines of 500-5000+ jail time from six months to years

school consequences are a two hour minimum and expulsion possibility