War of 1812

by Zachary Gray

reasons for war

During the war between the french and the British, the Americans hold neutral rights. Natural rights are rights that an uninvolved country gets that grant them and their merchants safety from the war. However, the British ignored the Americans natural rights and impressed merchants while searching for deserters.

The war was seen as an opportunity to boost the country's morale because many people had lost pride in being united and were once again becoming separate. Instead of the united states the citizens only saw new jersey or Virginia.

The war would provide great opportunity to take control of Canada. The Americans wanted to settle on to Canada to expanded their borders and to take stress off of the rapidly growing population

James Madison

James madison was the active president in the war of 1812. He did his best to honor Washington's wish to remain mutual even though he received hate from the public that so deparatly wanted war, because they have impressed our merchants and violated our neutral rights. Madison finally requested that congress declare the second war for independence. Madison was viewed with anger for his actions during the war, although he was a little hot-headed he was over all a great president.

Effects of the war

The war greatly increased the country's national pride. By fighting a seemingly pointless war we still viewed it as an American victory. In result of the second war for independence we became proud to be Americans once again.

After the war of 1812 trade was reopened for the better in America. Other countrys began to view America as one of them and respected our willingness to fight a world super power several times.

Native Americans left as complete losers in the war.