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Jim Morrison

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Biographical Information:

James Douglas, or better known as "Jim Morrison" was born on Dec. 8th 1943.He was refereed to as the "Lizard king" or the "American Poet". Jim was most famous for being the undesirable lead singer and song rider of the 1960s band called, "The Doors". The band sold 32 million records in the U.S. alone. Like a lot of rock stars during this area Jim Morrison had a serious drug addiction and depression that led to his death on July 3rd 1971 at the age of 27. Even though he died so young, he was a hero in peoples eyes, but very tragic.

Tragic Hero Qualities:

Jim Morrison was born of noble birth because of his father, George Morrison. He was a well respected admiral when Jim was a child. Jim wasn't your average lead singer, he was a very out spoken person and didn't care how people thought about it. "I see myself as an intelligent sensitive human, with the soul of a clown which frees me to blow it at the most important moments". To us this quote meant that Jim accepted his own fate and understood his responsible for it. His biggest tragic flaw was depression and drug addiction when he quit "The Doors" and moved to Paris to write poetry. He was a wild rock star who inspired others but was known for making serious mistakes by getting arrested multiple times for his sexual displays and refusal to follow directions.Jim seemed to be such a peaceful person in the beginning, but all of the drugs that came with rock n roll made his self esteem fall and cause him to have serious depression. He thought of death as a friend like he said "people fear death, even more then pain.Its strange that they fear death. At the point of death,the pain is over.Yeah, i guess its a friend". These are the hero qualities that Jim Morrison displays.

Tragic Hero Qualities Not Met:

To some people jim morrison's music and poetry was his heroic qualities, but they're good for the soul, not exactly saving a person and being or display heroic qualities. He was a good musician yes, but not so much about saving lives and giving off that kind of hero.Jim didn't like authority or following rules, he lived in his own mind. He didn't realize he made an irreversible mistake, he was just living his life freely and how he wanted to live it.


Overall Jim morrison met more of the tragic hero qualities then not which to me makes him a tragic hero. This being said he was not the average hero, he overcame his flaws and touched the hearts of many people through his music. Another thing that makes him a tragic hero is the fact that it was too late to learn from his mistake of a heroine addiction because he was already dead. That being said it was also his flaws that made him who he was and he wouldn't have helped out so many people with depression if he himself was not depressed because then he would not have the motive to help all of his fans and supporters.
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