A Visual Guide to the Marian Central Catholic Uniforms


Dennis Uniform

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Long and short sleeved polos come in three color choices: red, light blue, white. All must have Marian logo embroidered. Logo embroidering required. Male/Female fits available, as are "Interlock" and "Performance Mesh" material choices. Must be tucked into pants or shorts.(Women's cut available)

A Note About Polo Season:

With the long-sleeve polo available for purchase, students may not cover their polo with any non-uniform items of clothing (sweatshirts, pull-overs, hoodies, cardigans, etc.) Marian-branded "Spirit Wear" may only be worn on designated "Spirit Days" and are not acceptable for daily uniform wear. Students who are chilly are advised to wear either the long-sleeve polo, a solid long-sleeve shirt undershirt, or the Uniform Fleece Jacket or Uniform Fleece.

Marian Uniform Pants & Shorts - MC-Embroidered

Two color choices available: Classic Navy and Khaki. All pants MUST have uniform embroidery supplied Dennis Uniform. Pants with belt loops must have belt.

**Length of shorts must not be shortened.


Marian Crest Embroidered Sweater comes in two color choices: red or light blue. Sweaters are suitable for either gender. All sweaters must have Marian Crest embroidered.

All men must wear a solid white or light blue dress shirt and tie under the Marian sweater. Shirts are to be tucked into pants. * Can be purchased elsewhere. No embroidery required.

Men must wear a tie fastened to cover the top button of dress shirt. Color/brand not specific as long as it does not detract from uniform. Bow-ties not acceptable. * may purchase elsewhere

All women must wear a solid white blouse under the Marian sweater. Blouses are to be tucked into pants. * Can be purchased elsewhere. No embroidery required.

A Note About ALL Shoes:

Colors of shoes must be within the "khaki" neutral color spectrum (white, dark navy, brown, black) or any shades in between (cream, grey, etc.) Shoes that have any non-neutral colors (accent colors, etc.) ie: orange, bright blue, green, etc. are NOT acceptable as they detract from the uniform look our school's policy promotes.


PROHIBITED SHOES (MEN & WOMEN): slippers, sandals, boots (including Ugs), gym shoes, "crocs", flip-flops, glitter/sequined, moccasins "slides." All shoes must have closed toe, closed heel, and solid-constructed sides.

We will be transitioning away from gym shoes throughout the 2019-20 school year, so for any student who chooses gym shoes this year, they MUST be within the neutral colors and MUST be completely solid. NO high-tops, bold word or symbols, multi-colored, etc. will be allowed.


Gym Uniform Top (Unisex)

Light Grey, short sleeve "Essential Tee" supplied through Dennis Uniform with Marian logo imprinted on front.

Gym Uniform Shorts (Unisex)

Red, mesh shorts supplied through Dennis Uniform with Marian logo imprinted on leg.

Gym Shoes & Socks

Traditional gym shoes (closed toe/closed heel) and visible socks. Brand/color/style not specific

Optional Uniform Jackets and Pull-Overs!

These items are completely OPTIONAL for purchase - but are approved for use throughout the school day - during "polo" season only.

**PLEASE NOTE: the jacket or pull-over must be worn with the school uniform. Students not wearing the appropriate uniform under their jacket/pull-over will be considered "out of uniform."

Also - as soon as you receive your jacket/pull-over order from Dennis Uniform, please make sure you clearly mark your student's name on the inside tag. If a student leaves his/her jacket somewhere, it will be very difficult to return the item when it is turned into the office.

An antipilling finish keeps it looking neat. Full or half-zip front with zippered handwarmer pockets. 100% polyester. Colors: Black or Charcoal Grey. Must have Marian Crest embroidered on left chest pocket. (Charcoal grey not available for half-zip fleece).