Modernization of Warfare

By: Brandon Hodgin

New Weapons of war in World War One

A U-boat commonly used throughout the war

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A Lee-Enfield rifle, the first bolt action rifle in the British Armed Forces

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A trench used as a primary means of defence throughout the war

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Mustard gas was frequently used by the Triple Entente, causing Germans to bring gas masks

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The Mark IV, the first widely used tank in warfare

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Trench Warfare

Trenches allowed both sides of the war to create nearly impenetrable defences on the western front.

Mustard Gas

Mustard Gas was invented by the Triple Entente as a means of forcing Germans out of their trenches to avoid the various medical issues associated with it.

No Man's Land

No Man's Land was the name given to the territory between trenches, this is the case because very few survived a crossing of it.


Doughboys was the name given to American soldiers fighting on the western front, the cause of which is unclear.


U-Boats were used as a means of harassing enemy convoys to disrupt supply lines that required overseas shipping.
WW1 - New technology in warfare