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XXX Trivia can't be beat

Spin The Answers

Creative Custom subjects, such as:
  • Who's ass is it, anyway? --We show pics of clothed, celebrity asses, you guess who they are
  • Da Boobs! --same thing but with boobs
  • Diareal--names of people's autobiographies
  • Pornocopia- we give you a Hollywood movie title, you give us your "porno spinoff" title. Eg: Edward Scissorhands=Edward's Sister's Hands
  • Hollywood Junk- Name your "junk" after a movie. Eg: The Last Temptation of Christ, Top Gun, etc.


What Can we do for you?

Customize Games Geared toward your Target clientele!

We use a "Mixed Media format" for questions, they can be video, audio or both!

We provide Over 10,000 trivia questions in all shapes sizes and categories such as; sports trivia, geography, history, current events, pop culture, music, movies, celebrities and more!!

Bonus prizes on GAME DAY when participants answer questions about the game they just saw!!

Music/dancing as well OR Karaoke afterward if you like!

Interactive questions can be added such as: if the answer to the question is "the Macarena" your team rep must correctly DO the dance to get the points

Off the wall and out-of-the-box type questions are our specialty - "non-offensive" of course, (unless you want us to be)


The First 5 bars to try us out get the 1st show on us!

Not sure it will work for your venue? We're giving away 5 free Trivia Shows just to show you how much fun it can be.

We want you to choose a date when there's a sports game on so we can do our "GAME DAY" Trivia show.

Call us today for more information!