GPS -Global Positioning System

And its uses

What is GPS?

GPS is a very widely used system, it is named as an acronym of Global Positioning System, often used on boats, cars and planes for naviagation of long routes, however, it isnt all good. GPS is used in smartphones, sometimes unknown to the user, such as Apple, use iPhones to track their customers and tell exactly what theyre doing and when. So, is GPS something you really want? Do you use it? Or does it use you?

Apple Tracking

A few months ago, Apple Inc. was accused of tracking its iPhone users, of course, Apple denied these accusations and subsequently released updates to make people think that they have stopped, they still have the ability to track you, whenever, and wherever, wherever you go, Apple is watching.

How does it work?

GPS uses satellites to work, often needing 3 at a time, often you dont go below 5 (See picture above), 5 objects floating round Earth, all tracking you and sending off that data, a little freaky?GPS sattelites can recieve signals sent from your devices and then send that to whatever application data which you may want, such as Google, which  can use this GPS data to plot your position on a map. (See below)