The Dust Bowl

The dirty thirties

Dust Storms Strike America!

Region of the Great Plains devastated by drought in the 1930s depression-ridden America. This area included Oklahoma and Texas panhandles and neighboring sections of Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. There was little rainfall, light soil, and high winds, which were a destructive combination. These dust storms wreaked havoc, cattle died and pasture lands were destroyed, driving 60 percent of the population from the region. These “exodusters” went to agricultural areas first and then to cities, especially in the Far West.

The Dust Bowl Created Lonliness and Isolation Amongst Many!


By 1940, more than 2.5 million people had fled from the regions affected by the Dust Bowl. Nearly 10 percent moved to California.

Dream destroyed by circumstance

Helen Sedwick: The Dust Bowl -- - It picked up dust from Montana to Texas, and the Dust Bowl was spawned. The farmers' dreams gave the wind the weapon that then destroyed those dreams.