The power of the nation that lives in Americas shadow

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Size: 110,860 square kilometers.

No larger than the size of the Pennsylvania, Cuba doesn't have much to flaunt when it comes to size. Considering that the US already has a base in Cuba (Guantanamo bay), the US could probably cover the distance across in 2 days.

Population: 11,047,251.

This, to be honest, is a weakness for Cuba. 11 million people all crowded on to an island that small. Disease and sickness is bound to spread like no other. This also has potential to hurt their government. A people that size could overthrow a government that small in a matter of months.

Education: only 12.8% earn a GED.

This hurts the country because the literacy rate is so poor. Which leads to less high income jobs which can weaken the economy.

Military: around 5 million.

Everyone in Cuba is required to do a minimum of 2 years of service in the military. Cuba has a very professionally trained military. The military would be able to supply a considerable opposition to most forces. This is a big perk and increase in power because this makes Cuba hard to invade.

Physical features: Hill region.

With few flat lands Cuba's over all geography ranges from hills to mountainous regions. This comes to the country's economic aid because they are able to grow all sorts of plants, some of which do better at certain altitudes than others.

Economy: Growing, rapidly.

Growth over the past 3 years: 2011-2.4%, 2012-2.8%, 2013 3.1%.

2013 exports: 13.6 billion USD.

2012 official exchange rate: 72.3 billion USD.

As you can see, Cuba's economy is growing pretty rapidly. This really helps the country's power because it lets them have money and room to grow and expand. This will also influence more countries to trade with them.