the North Star

What's more accurate than a compass and is 430 light years away? Polaris, the North Star. Polaris was not always the North Star. When the pyramids were being built, the star Thuban, in the constellation of Draco (a dragon) was the North Star. The star Kochab was the North Star at about 400 B.C.
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The North Star is as bright as 2,500 suns. Although it seems it's the brightest star in the sky, it is 50th in luminosity. As I have stated, Polaris is more accurate than a compass. It is 0.7 degrees off the North Pole. Compasses direct slightly away from the North Pole.
Actually, Polaris is a three-star system, potentially five. The amount of matter is 4.5 times that of the sun's. The temperature is 10,300 degrees Fahrenheit. Polaris's diameter is a whopping 44 million miles. Its scientific name is Alpha Ursae Minoris.
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As you can see in the picture above, Polaris is on the tip of the handle of the Little Dipper. It is in the constellation of Ursa Minor, a bear. The fluorescence alters slightly. Currently, there is an ATV brand with the name of Polaris. In addition, many other things are named after the North Star, Polaris.