By: Dylan Salman

Steph's head Injury

Steph Curry is an amazing basketball player for the golden state warriors. He recently suffered a bad head injury. He jumped up and Trevor Ariza ran under him accidentally hitting his legs up causing him to flip over and hit his head on the court. People say that he passed his concussion test but many do not believe so, as he has a big bump on the top of his head and was not able to play the game on Wednesday, but he will be playing June 4th, Thursday.

Curry's Shoes

Stephen Curry really wanted to sell shoes. He worked very hard with designs. He offered to Nike and they declined him so he was devastated so he worked. He tried finding a solution by making better designs and offering other companies and under armor accepted him.

Michael Jordan's Story

Michael Jordan wanted to play basketball in highschool. He worked hard and tried getting in the team. Sadly, they declined him. Then, he made a plan. He made a plan, first he needed to train day and night, then he played against very difficult players and trained, and lastly applied for the NBA and he got in, and he worked for his spot as one of the best known basketball players in the world.


Rudy shows lots of perseverance because he worked so hard so many years to get accepted into Notre Dame. He worked so hard in school and got the best grades hes ever gotten in his life and he finally got accepted in the last quarter.