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Bienvenidos estudiantes usando el horario de las 14 semanas

Estoy encantada en tener mis nuevos estudiantes de la semana 14 en nuestra clase de español. Espero que todos tengan éxito este semestre.

Welcome 14 week students. I am delighted to have you in class. I am wishing you a successful semester. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, anytime.

Parents and Students

Assignments for the bi-weekly due date of January 28th, for the 18 week and 16 week students, have been graded. Progress Reports were sent to parents on February 3rd.

The next bi-weekly due date
, for all 18, 16 and 14 week students will be Thursday, February 11th for all assignments. All student should follow their respective schedules.

Follow daily schedule

All assignments typed in blue on schedule must be turned in for a grade. Do not skip assignments or you will be penalized.

Late Penalty

Students please remember that GAVS has a Late Penalty Policy for work due, not posted by the bi-weekly due date. if an assignment is not turned in on time, the student will receive a zero. The student can still make the grade up, but will receive a grade deduction. I encourage all students receiving a zero to please turn work in as soon as possible. Penalty deductions are listed below:

1. a 10% deduction - for work posted on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday

2. a 20% deduction - for work posted on Monday
3. a 30% deduction - for work posted on Tuesday
4. the zero will stay in place after midnight on Tuesday
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Señora Yolanda Nigrelli

phone: 678-870-4287
available: 9 to 5 on school days
other hours: available by appointment

To my parents -
Thank you for your support helping your student succeed! I welcome and always look forward to hearing from you, either by email or a phone call.