Mrs. Ezzelle


Hello and welcome! We are going to have so much fun this year as we learn new instruments, sing new songs, and dance! Below you will see what we are currently learning and what we will be learning in the future.

Every grade level with have a performance for PTO! Look for those dates coming soon!

4/5 will be November 16th. We will also have our Veterans Day performance on November 7th.

We will be sharing our love and appreciation for all Veterans, please join us!

2/3 will be February 8th.

We will be sharing all the fun things we have been learning in our classes like skip counting and about some famous people!

K/1 will be May 9th.

We will be sharing everything we have learned this year with you!

We are also planning a Talent show in the Spring for all 3-5 again!


What is music?

- Melodies

- Tempos

- Scales

- How to Play an instrument

- Dynamics

How do we start?

- We will learn our PBIS matrix

- We will learn about safety in the classroom

- We will learn reviewing what we learned last year

- We will prepare for a performance

- We will play music games and Sing new songs

Quaver Class Codes

Go here to find your class codes to get started in Quaver!


Please feel free to reach out in you have any questions, comments, or concerns. My extension is 4374!