The Steamboat

By:Philip Frank

October 4

As I was traveling down the Ohio River, this morning, on my flatboat, I saw a new kind of boat. I’m not sure what this mystical boat was, but it was traveling much faster than mine it also had steam coming out of the smokestack. Instead of using man power to row your flatboat up a river, they somehow harnessed the power of steam to go up and down with no human effort and a faster time travel! I’ll have to investigate more.

October 5

My Theory was correct, the genius behind the idea of this new “boat” has harnessed the power of steam to propel his boat. I’ve seen another one pop up along on the river, it appears the speed of the speedboat could be catching on, I’m fascinated by this new invention and hope to travel on one tomorrow.

October 6

Today I met the creator of the new steamboats, James Watt. His new invention is booming and according to Mr.Watt, “It is the water transportation of the near-future”. Tomorrow I will be riding on the new steamboat to the Mississippi and then down south to New Orleans. I'm thinking about using this is a way of exporting my goods across the nation.

October 7

Today, I've arrived in New Orleans the time travel was so small, and much faster than a flatboat. The area is so different than the north, it's more rural with plantations surrounding the city. I took a corduroy road to meet and talked with James Watt again, he says he is producing them for whoever wants them...going to buy a few to replace the outdated flatboats. Now getting my supplies to customers will be a lot more time-convenient.

October 8

Today, I've devised a plan as to how I can get my supplies in every single corner of the US. Since my supplies are produced in the North, I can just use the ohio river to delivery supplies from steamboats, the ohio also connects to most western border of the Mississippi, which then can take my supplies down south. Now I now maybe I can't reach every place in the Nation by steamboat, do to the lack of rivers and water travel...but with cordurary roads, the Lancaster turnpike, and the Erie Canal. All of these plus rivers should have my supplies getting where they need be.