My Chai Time.

My Chai, My Time!!

The Delight In Our Chai.

Our Chai tea is made by boiling tea leaves with milk, sugar, and sometimes spices.

Our Chai leaves are specially grown from India and Asia the homeland of Chai

We will most definitely Delight you're day.

The Beauty In Chai.

Our beautifully made drinks are suitable for all ages and are cooled due to different age groups to make sure children don't burn themselves, your children are sure to love and enjoy it.

It's tea leaves are hand picked and the tea is hand made, These fresh drinks from India and many parts of Asia are sure to satisfy you to the max!!

Most Loved Drinks.

Frequently need Service?

well no worries our waiters, and workers are the best in town and will be able to precisely provide you with any supervision you need, your pets will be handed to them and will be taken to a little park for them to play (Inside the Building) and have fun.


Here's where you can find us:

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Visit and follow our Twitter account will be able to let you into the world of tea making, methods to help you understand the processes of course many different recipes you will enjoy.