Don't Be Stopped!

by Tim Green


Harrison 8th/7th grader he is a foster child he also really loves football he grows up wanting to play when he gets kicked out of his second home in a month. Only then is when he gets a chance to play football, because the coach for the local middle school offers to be a foster parent and eventually adopts Harrison and gives him the chance to play football on the team if he is good enough to play. Harrison along the way becomes a huge fan of reading books and a really good football player.


It is an internal conflict in the middle of the season Harrison starts having pains in his leg. Low and behold he had stage 2 bone cancer and they need to amputate the bottom half of his leg. Coach and his wife bring in a special olympics to bring his spirits up and to tell him that he can come back from anything.

Plot Summary

A young man gets a chance at a new life and to play football. Football ends up being his savior and keeping out of trouble. As always all good things must come to an end. Even more predictable there is still hope for the young man to get football and his life back.

Book Review

I loved this book from beginning to end and I'm not a reader I used to hate reading it really takes a lot to get me interested in a book. I would give the book 9/10 because of the reread ability and the way if you reread the book you will always have something new that you didn't really find the first time.