West By: Alek Lentini



Some of the states in this region include Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Alaska, and Hawaii. These are the states in this region.


There are many interesting landforms in the West. The Rocky Mountains cover 3,000 miles of land. Sierra Nevada, and the Great Basin are in this region.

Major bodies of water

Some of the bodies if water are the Pacific Ocean, Rio Grande River, and Arkansas River.The columbia river is 1,900 miles. There are lots of bodies of water in this region.


The climate in this region is cold and rainy in the winter, and very hot and dry in the summer. This region does not have lots of water. You wish you lived in this region.

Natural Resources

What are the Natural resources in this region? For example, they are fish, water, electricity from water, soil, fruits, cotton, oil, gold, and copper are a natural resource. You can sell them and make money.

Major cities

What are the cities in west? They are Seattle,

Portland,Los Angeles. These are West cities.

Fun Facts

  • Pacific Ocean is home to whales, dolphins, seal, and many kinds of fish.

Key Words

Cooper- Cooper is a type of metal

Gold-Gold is a type of metal that is valuable