Panther's Soar

Norfolk Junior High

By Kari

Three Abused Blind Mice

Slim, Jim, and Tim Mouse, the three triplets,moved from Mississippi to Nebraska last year. They were in the Farmer’s house in their kitchen stealing crumbs from a cake that was being frosted for Valentine’s Day by Mrs. Martha Farmer. This was February 14, at 6:43 p.m. They are not pressing charges because they understand that they were trespassing. The Farmer’s are also not going to press charges, because they understand that the mice are blind and they didn't mean to scare her. They all were taught a valuable lesson today. The mice are done stealing for good, and the Farmer’s have learned not to act before they think.

Ameer Abdullah Highlights

Have you ever wondered how many Nebraska awards Ameer Abdullah holds? One of the many records Ameer Abdullah holds is the record for all purpose yards, which he accomplished in the Nebraska game against Rutgers. Another thing that happened in the Nebraska vs. Rutgers game was that he had three touchdowns in that game. During that same game, Ameer Abdullah had 225 rushing yards altogether. The Huskers won the Rutgers game 42-24. Ameer Abdullah is the only Nebraska Husker player that has three seasons of 1,000 rushing yards or more. He also holds the Nebraska record for most career carries. Abdullah won Big Ten Offensive Player of the week four times. Ameer Abdullah is the Nebraska record holder for single-game kickoff returns with 211 yards during the Huskers vs. Fresno State game. His total yards for his 2014 season is 1611 yards altogether. Clearly, Ameer Abdullah is my all time favorite Husker player and I hope his future goes well for this record breaker.

Bringing Nemo Home

The movie Finding Nemo is about a clownfish Marlin (Albert Brooks) whose son Nemo (Alexander Gould) is taken to Sydney, Australia by humans. The journey is long, but Marlin nevers gives up and along the way Marlin meets Dory (Ellen DeGeneres). Dory and Marlin have quite an adventure trying to track down Nemo. Marlin is determined to bring Nemo home. The characters are very inspiring. They teach kids to never give up.I have personally always loved this movie because of its fun journey of a father and son trying to find each other in a huge ocean. This movie is the best!
Finding Nemo - Trailer
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Mrs. Labenz is being recognized for the great animal nutrition discovery of a new injection for cattle. Her new discovery is going down in animal medicine history. She lives in Wyoming with her husband and three boys. She attended high school at Humphrey high and was in FFA, FCCLA, basketball, volleyball, and band. She worked at the bar in Humphrey during high school. She went to college for two years at Northeast Community College and for four years at Curtis in Nebraska. Her first job ever was babysitting. Now at the age of forty, Mrs. Labenz is living in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and she is 5 foot 8 with dark brown hair. Some of her hobbies aside from writing her new book are reading, gardening, and taking care of her boys, husband, twelve horses, six chickens, and four dogs. Her plans for the future are to retire with three books, two discoveries, and grandkids. She wants to travel to the Greek Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas.