The Concept Behind

Search Engine Marketing

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The Concept Behind Search Engine Marketing

The search engine especially Google has become the God of all things. Whether you are seeking information or a product or a service you type whatever you need to know or seek into browser url and boom – a million hits instantly. You usually find whatever you need on the first page of the results; you rarely having to go beyond the first page.

Now what if you have a website or websites and wish that your website should figure on the first page of the results whenever a prospective customer searches for products or services marketed by you? To achieve this, you need search engine marketing which is basically an extension of search engine optimization.

A search engine optimisation is like have a car tune-up. A search engine marketing campaign is like having a tune-up and a paint and polish job. Now your car looks like new and is noticed by everyone. In a search engine marketing campaign, the online marketing company (e.g. ), first tinker under the hood of your website – they look at keywords used, images used, content, navigation, linking and a myraid of other small and big things. Basically, they align the content and the code to make it human and search engine friendly. Considering that humans and machines are not exactly the same, the task is anything but easy.

To make a long procedure short, the Internet Marketing Services wizards look at each and every product or service you offer and each is separately promoted and marketed in manner so that when prospective customers search for the product or service your website or websites will be on page one of the search engine results.

Sometimes the competition is so tough (e.g. real estate, consumer durables, consumer electronics), that over and above everything they do at your website, search engine advertisement may also be required. Whenever you search for something online notice that the first few results are usually advertisements. Again, whether the prospective customer clicks on an advert or not will depend on how it has been structured and worded. The customers do not wish to have their time wasted; they want to be sure before they click that the site will contain the product or service or information they seek. Achieving that is the work of your search engine marketing gurus.

After your car tune-up and paint job, the results are quite obvious – a smooth ride and great looks. After a search engine marketing campaign the results too are obvious and they are visible in the form of increased sales or visitors to your website.

So you are offering any product or service and your website is currently not delivering the results you expected it to, call in the Internet Marketing Campaign gurus – there's no better time than now!

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