A visit to Viljandi

Where is Viljandi?

  • Viljandi is in Estonia
  • Viljandi is the capitol of Viljandi County
  • Viljandi belongs to the Hanseatic League
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How can we get there?

  • By car: because there are a lot of road works right now, you would need about 19 h to get to Viljandi by car. You would drive trough Germany, Poland,Lithuania, Latvia and then you would be in Estonia.
  • By plane: You could fly from Hamburg to Ulenurme and then you would need about 1h 10 by car or 2h 30 by train.

The history of Viljandi

  • The first written record of the earthen stronghold of Viljandi was in the year 1154
    In the 12th century, a permanent settlement emerged around the stronghold of Viljandi, which also became the economic centre of the ancient Sakala district.
  • In 1211 the hill-fort of the Estonians in Viljandi was besieged by a joint army of Germans, Latvians, and Livs.
  • In August 1223 the Livonian Sword Brethren (later the Livonian Order) captured the hill-fort from a contingent of the people of Rus, who joined forces with the insurgent Estonians.
  • In 1224 in place of the Sakala wooden stronghold a powerful Order Centre was started The Viljandi (Fellin) castle was one of the largest in the Baltic region
    1346 Viljandi joined the influential Hanseatic League, because the town had become an important stop for merchants on their way to Russia and back
    1365 peace between Denmark and Hansa was concluded
    1560 while the Livonian war parts of the city and the caste were destroyed andIn the beginning of the 17th century the city and especially the caste were almost completely destroyed
  • In 1783 in the course of the regency reforms of Catherine 2. Viljandi became a district town

The flag of Viljandi

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What to see in Viljandi

  • Viljandi castle
  • St John´s church
  • St Paul´s church
  • The old water tower
  • this bridge......???????how is it called?
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Viljandi today

  • Viljandi is sometimes called the cultural capital of Estonia, it has a music school, a sports school, an art school and a youth hobby centre
  • Viljandi has a population of about 18000
  • It's the 6th biggest city in Estonia
  • The city has 9 sister cities, one is from Germany and even two are from the USA
  • The mayor of Viljandi is Ando Kiviberg

Questions about Viljandi, what do we want to know about Viljandi?

  • Is there a lot of nature around Viljandi?
  • Are there some places/shops/houses in Viljandi you like very much and would also recommend them to us?
  • Is it that cold in winter, that you could go skiing or sledging?
  • Do you have a lot of mosquitos in summer?
  • Is there anything you would like to change about your town and if yes, what would it be?
  • Where do you go if you go on a school trip?
  • Are there good cycle paths in Viljandi?
  • How do you get to school?