The Job of an Oceanographer

By: Salym Cook; Biology 2nd Period

What kinds of tasks are involved in Oceanography?

*The job tasks depend on the type of Oceanographer*

Biological Oceanographer: examines microbes, plants, and animals

Where would you work as an Oceanographer?

In the Field- live research sometimes dangerous, lots of traveling
In the Laboratory- run routine procedures, new experiments, and studies
In the Office- perform data research, write down scientific findings and arguments

Advancement opportunites & Requirements

- having a Ph.D.s can allow you to qualify for college or research positions
-having advanced graduate work or doctorates can all you to become a supervisor/administrator
-having achieved these top level positions you can plan a research plan or run a laboratory/aquarium

Advantages & Disadvantages of Oceanography

-you would get to spend your time researching the ocean that has many new discoveries
-you would get to travel the world and try new things
-you would be surrounded with beautiful scenery

-you might never get to be home
-sometimes you can be underpaid for your tough research
-sometimes your life can be put on the line


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