Soccer Players Wear Helmets?

By Meredith Granger

What is the Issue? :D

The issue is that people get concussions from playing soccer.

What I Think (It's stupid!) 0_o

I think that people shouldn't have to wear helmets while playing soccer. First of all very few people get concussions from soccer compared to other ways. Secondly they cost a lot of money. Most people can't afford to buy a decent helmet. Soccer is not the only way to get a concussion there is many other sports that cause more concussions than soccer. They also look silly and many people would be embarrassed to go on the field with an odd lumpy helmet on your head. Also if they run into someone without a helmet the person with the helmet wouldn't get hurt but the person without the helmet would be more injured than if they ran into someone not wearing a helmet. People are responsible for their own safety why force them to wear a helmet, if they don't want the risk of getting a concussion they can wear a helmet. Concussions are very rarely lethal unless they are serious, soccer doesn't usually give serious concussions. Over all I think NO ONE should HAVE to wear helmets but if people want to they can!!!

Pros Of Wearing A Helmet (What Ever! FYI There isn't any real pros!! HA! take that :b)

It is good to wear helmets while playing soccer because it protects you. A major concussion can cause brain damage, continues headaches, moving and speaking problems or required surgery. A minor concussion causes headaches, dizziness, passing out and nausea. A helmet can help protect you from the risk of getting a concussion.

*"There are professional soccer players now using such headgear, too : Petr Cech, for example" says Jim Klein

Although you may think that wearing a helmet looks funny professional soccer players wear helmets and they don't care or look ridiculously goofy. Some people say that the helmets look silly but does it really matter if they are protecting you from injuries. Also, would you rather look silly or get an injury, I know I would rather be safe and look a little silly. many schools are requiring helmets during sports, including soccer.

**"The recovery is long and frustrating for the whole family,” says Laurie Gibbs the mom of a 16 year old soccer player.

The recovery of a concussion is frustrating and long for not only the person who suffered it but for whoever has to care for them. It takes a toll on everyone and many minor concussions can have the same effect as one major concussion. Helmets not only protect you but also give you a feeling of security. Considering all of these reasons you can see why it is a very good idea to wear a helmet while playing soccer.

NJ Schools Order Soccer Players to Wear Helmets - Leslie Marshall on America's Newsroom 10/10/13

Cons (OH ya no more excuses here's the good paragraph! :D You'll be totally convinced.)

It is not a good idea to wear a helmet while playing soccer. First it can make people more aggressive because they think they won't get hurt. Also helmets are uncomfortable and can give you headaches from squeezing your head too hard. Not everyone can afford a good protective helmet, and if they can helmets aren't proven to help you from getting a concussion.

*** "I've witnessed the false sense of security firsthand, when my 14-year old daughter, Ellie, temporarily wore a soft helmet for soccer. No stranger to serious injuries — Ellie once collided with another girl, who ended up with a cracked scull— I don't doesn’t make her child use protective headgear, because I noticed my daughter becoming more aggressive in the games where she does wear it." Tobey Bryant, a Bellevue, Washington, mother of three.

This is true, helmets are a false sense of security that doesn't protect people from getting hurt, if it does anything it makes people more aggressive. For Tobey Bryant it obviously didn't protect her daughter or the person she collided with, she ended up with a cracked skull! Other people get to over protective of your personal safety. Accidents happen and you are in way more of a risk of dieing from a car accident and you haven't yet because your reading this! Helmets are silly looking too and no one wants to be embarrassed, they may even not play soccer if they're forced to wear a helmet.

Wearing a helmet can also effect your game. First it adds weight to your head so your neck will tire easier and faster. secondly how are you supposed to head the ball with a helmet on your head? Last you can't run as fast. Considering all this helmets don't even protect you from getting concussions and your risk of getting a concussion from soccer is very small. 10% of concussions are caused by sports, not just soccer, soccer is one of many many sports that can cause concussions.

** “I think there is a greater risk from the feeling of invulnerability that a helmet might confer than there is a chance that a helmet would protect the brain,” Dr. William W. Briner Jr., a primary care sports specialist at the Hospital For Special Surgery in Union dale, N.Y., and a former physician for the U.S. National Soccer Team.

All that a helmet does is add a level of security. Wearing a helmet while playing soccer is a pointless thing to do!


There are two sides to the "Wearing a Helmet While Playing Soccer" debate.
Pros to wearing a helmet during soccer. Protects you from getting a concussion or other head injury, gives you a sense of security while playing soccer and keeps you from never being able to play soccer again because of an injury. Cons to wearing a helmet during soccer. They effect your running. agility and heading abilities, they cost to much for many families and your risk of getting a concussion from soccer is very low. These are the two sides of this debate.

Interesting Facts ( WOW! 0_0 that's amazing!)

During my research I found it interesting that it was hard to find the pros side. I also found it interesting that only 10% of concussion are caused by sports, I thought sports was basically the only way you can get a concussion. I find it interesting that people would even think to wear a helmet in soccer, a not very dangerous sport. I was surprised that so many schools had actually enforced that all soccer players wear helmets, I found at least 10 cases. These are the thing I found interesting when researching.

My New Point Of View/ Close (Farewell in your unhelmeted soccer days!)

My point of view didn't change at all but now I understand why people would want to wear helmets. It helped me understand the other side, it put me in their shoes. I still feel that helmets won't help to protect you from head injuries and they are uncomfortable, tight, and heavy. I definitely won't be seen running around in a helmet any time soon.
Helmets are pointless overprotective things!