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Monthly Newsletter- Summer Issue- 2019

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Summerschool Registration Forms Still Available

Registration materials for summerschool are available here. Your student can talk to their counselor if they would like to sign up. You can also fill out the application here, and hand it in to their counselor or student services..

Summerschool occurs between 8am-Noon for 6 weeks from June 24th through the end of July, Monday-Thursday. Students can take up to 2 courses (2 hours each), unless they are taking First Time Phy.Ed. or First Time Health, which occur the full 4 hours. Summerschool is valuable for retaking a class for skill or grade improvement, or learning in some of the useful elective courses offered. Classes are at no charge, and some do fill up, so sign up quickly. Contact your counselor with questions.

Spring Grades viewable in Mid-June, but not available for release until July 1st.

For seniors, it is after final grades are posted that your transcript gets released to colleges, but you still must request Final Transcripts to be sent via Parchment.

Summer College Transition Help for Graduating Seniors

Seniors! Are you interested in receiving summer support to help you enroll in college? Do you have questions about financial aid, admissions, enrollment, orientation, housing, etc? We can help!! We have 4 counselors who will be working with students this summer, primarily through text messaging, emails and phone calls, to support students’ transition to college. If you are interested in assistance, contact Robin Murphy or Michelle Olson.

After Summerschool Ends...

Make sure to see your counselor about requesting any grade replacements on your transcript if you retook a class.

2019-20 MMSD Calendar, including August Registration Dates for Students

See all dates for next year HERE

September Student Service Parent Nights Preview

September 12th- Senior Parent Night- 7pm in Auditorium- Learn the essential steps to preparing for graduation and the next step in your student's learning journey. (Seniors will view this presentation during school hours)

September 26th- Freshmen Parent Night- 7pm in Auditorium- Learn how to support your freshmen in having a great start to high school.

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"It always seems impossible until it's done." ~~ Nelson Mandela


To see what's happening with ACP at JMM, CLICK HERE.

In May:

-Sophomores students will had the opportunity to share highlights from their year in English and

Academic-Career Planning (including their growth and future plans) with an interested adult. They also did a budgeting activity for their future in World History class.

-Seniors had quick check-ins with their counselors during English class in late May to share their reflections on the year, and request any support needed for academic-career plans.

DO YOU NEED HELP with academic, personal, or college & career planning?

Click on your counselor's name to book a time with them for assistance.

Fox Neighborhood:

Amy Olson (A-Sn) (also PATHWAYS COUNSELOR)

Andrew Stendahl (So-Z)

Rock Neighborhood:

Dan Maloney (A-Sn)

Andrew Stendahl (So-Z)

Wolf Neighborhood:

Troy Arneson (A-Sn)

Andrew Stendahl (So-Z)

Wisconsin Neighborhood:

Emily Cochran (A-Sn)

Andrew Stendahl (So-Z)

AVID Students:

Len Mormino

ELL Students:

Ying Vang

People forget how fast you did a job, but they remember how well you did it.

~~ Howard W. Newton


Take summerschool if needed. . Explore your interests, creativity, and future paths that seem interesting to you. Visit our Learning Experiences Beyond The Classroom and Career Exploration pages on the JMM Website, and spend some time in Xello to explore your interests, skills, and related paths for the future. Consider exploring Pre-College programs at this link.


-Job shadowing someone in a career of interest to you for an hour or two.

-Consider exploring Pre-College programs at this link.

-Wondering about some Work-Based Learning Experience? Click here.

-If you want to get hands-on experience, there are some careers that offer a Youth

Apprenticeship. CLICK HERE to see information about it and applying for next year.

-Explore course options and your 4-year plan in Xello with someone at home!

-Don't forget to explore your interests outside of the classroom as well. Ideas HERE.


-Visit programs, colleges, and options you are thinking about for after graduation. Evaluate them before making the trip with THIS WORKSHEET.

-Continue work on your to do list from your Junior Conference with your counselor

-Consider signing up for the July 13th ACT to improve your score. Register HERE. If you feel you are eligible for a tuition fee waiver, see your counselor before school ends.

-If you feel that preparation for the ACT/SAT might be helpful, start with METHOD TEST PREP in Xello


-Remember to follow through with securing housing, and scheduling college coursework

Experiential Learning Credit

Interested in earning credit for "Experiential Learning" as you work or volunteer? See your counselor with questions. More information HERE.

"I know that luck has a way of happening to people who shoot high, who never sell themselves short" Teri Teachout


Part-Time Open Enrollment Wisconsin

Allows you to take certain courses, often online, outside of MMSD with financial assistance and transcripting on your home school's transcript.

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