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April 7, 2016

Book Madness 2016

And the Winner is.... The Harry Potter Series!

PI Book Madness is an annual tradition that involves kids nominating favorite books and then voting for them - in brackets, like the NCAA College Basketball Tournament. This year's version began several weeks ago when each PI student nominated a favorite book. Next, every student produced a book trailer to advertise the book, trying to persuade their classmates to vote for that book. Click here to see those book trailers. I think you'll be impressed.

Congratulations to Noah for the bracket challenge

Noah correctly predicted the most book winners in this year's bracket challenge. Even Mr. Freundt and Mrs. O'Neill participated this year!

Harry Potter Projects - Create a Scene from the Book

After we revealed Harry Potter as this year's Book Madness winner, students began their project creating a scene from the book series. Boxes, Legos, Play Doh, blocks, and construction paper were available for this lesson in creativity.

A Few of the Book Projects:

4th Grade PI

Our next project is a non-fiction unit, shark research. Students will be choosing a shark to track on the Ocearch Shark Tracker website and then learning about that shark by reading articles and conducting research. Our class will meet some real life shark researchers on a video chat in a few weeks.

Your student will adopt a shark by Friday - be sure and ask!

5th Grade PI

Our next project will be our author study. Students will be reading and researching to answer the question, "How does the author's life affect his/her writing?"

We have scheduled video-chats with 2 authors so far and are hoping to meet a few more also. Finding out about authors' lives is always a highlight for students.

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